We bring 1-MCP to you in the most convenient way, partnering with premium service companies worldwide. With FYSIUM®, time is on your side. The patented FYSIUM® generator uses a tamper-proof cartridge that incorporates three components: A, B and C. In the right quantities these components produce 1-MCP. Compact and easy to handle, the state-of-the-art FYSIUM® generator has been developed for absolute reliability and minimal risk. Trained personnel calculate the precise amount of chemicals required for the best results for your fruit and then bring the FYSIUM® generator to your storage area. The effectiveness is later confirmed by sample testing from before and after the treatment. The FYSIUM® generator is placed outside the storage area and connected by a tube into the internal air stream in the storage area.

Fysium Generator


Satisfied packers complete the circle of happiness year after year. What is the circle of happiness? After ordering the treatment, the FYSIUM® application is quickly and easily carried out, followed by comprehensive post treatment service (as required). The end results are good quality apples with flexible sales dates and satisfied packers ready to order FYSIUM® again the following year. Will you join the circle of happiness this year?

Circle of Happiness